Group Project: Using Creative Commons

Hey guys. So as I was scanning the Creative Commons site, I found some great material that I think might work well in the Lambda Lambda Lambda Geek Week video.

First, for music. One of our opening scenes features our nerd, Ned Dewey, rocking out on his air guitar. I thought it would be fitting to have a cheesy 80s cock rock song, heavy on guitar, playing while he does. (NOTE: Don’t search “cock rock” in Creative Commons. Shit gets weird). Anywho, I found this song on SoundCloud which I thought would work well with what we’re aiming for. Check it out here.

Next, another one of our scenes features Ned asking viewers if they like robots. He then starts doing mechanical robot dance moves, and we wanted to insert a robot into the shot to dance with him. As I was scanning the Creative Commons YouTube search for robots, I came across a video of Honda’s Asimo robot. In the video, he does some dance moves that are weird and awkward, and would fit well in the scene with Ned. We only need about three seconds worth of video to use for it, so I think we could cut a part of the clip up and insert it into the frame. Check it out here.

Lastly, one of our shots features Ned thinking about nerd girls. We wanted to insert a little thought cloud with a picture of the girl that Ned is fantasizing about. I came across one chick on the Creative Commons search who is just too good to be true. She has a bunch of pictures that I think fit the script, and I can’t decide which one is best out of these three. Want to help me out? Here is one, two, and three.


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