Group Project: Storyboarding

Hello there. So this week we created an idea for our Geek Week video using GoogleDocs, and then had to put that idea to the task of storyboarding. It’s one thing to have an idea, but it’s quite another to carve out the detailed shot-by-shot actions that will accompany that idea and achieve the mood you are gunning for.


Our group’s creative process was a bit different than other groups may have been, as Ovais and I have heavy work schedules and Eric is on vacation. However, we got together online and on the phone, and thoroughly discussed how we wanted our video to pan out. We wanted to have something that was funny, a bit odd, and catered to the alt-nerd culture that a lot of people can identify with. These are kids who like Tim and Eric, robots, nerd girls, and think that Chris Hardwick is awesome. We’re aiming to make a short low quality video in a Tim and Eric-esque infomercial style, as we have limited resources and can make this work with our non-existent budget. Our main nerd, Ned Dewey, will lead viewers through what Geek Week is and why they should care about it, by featuring specific events that we feel our audience will be most interested in: robots, d&d, night of the living dance party, nerd girl panel, and an Evening with Chris Hardwick.

Even though we weren’t in the same physical space, we were still able to collaborate effectively. This was my first time working with a group whose members were physically dispersed throughout the country. Eric was three hours behind, so we had to keep that in mind when we were working on the project, especially when developing the story board and script. We had some difficulties, but we managed to get it together and create a great story board. It’s cool to see the lessons I’ve learned in my past DCIM classes put to use: working across time and space to finish a project is possible! Woo hoo!


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