Group Project: Using GoogleDocs

Hello, hello. This week, our group, Lamda Lamda Lamda, used GoogleDocs for a brainstorming exercise. I’ve used GoogleDocs before, but never in the way that we utilized it this weekend. I had previously used GoogleDocs as a collaborative document wherein my group members and I would contribute to the doc at separate times. In the end, it would be creating one whole document created by a group of individuals assigned with different parts of a project, and would be edited in such a way to make it flow nicely.

However, this time around, we used it in a totally different way. There is kind of no rhyme or reason to our GoogleDoc. It is clear when you look at it is just a free flowing discussion with a long list of ideas, one of which was chosen toward the end. Contributing to the doc in real time with other people had its pros and cons. One of the pros is that it was an online space that we could access at our convenience. We didn’t need to get together in the flesh, which was great because we all have such different schedules. In the con department, however, we were kind of writing all over the place which got confusing. Sometimes we were writing in spots where other people were writing, and some of our exchanges were lost. It was also annoying to have to go back and highlight all of our individual contributions in different colors, rather than having an option to stay one color throughout the entire conversation. We also faced difficulties getting together, as Ovais and I both had work obligations and Eric is 3 hours behind in California. However, overall, I’m happy we were able to connect and get the ball rolling on our project. I like the idea that we came up with for our video, and I hope you will too.


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