The VanTV Podcast

Hiya. Below is my podcast introduction. It took a while to make! When we were in class using the songs provided to us by Aaron, it seemed a lot less time consuming. Maybe all of those songs were in the same time signature? In any event, I chose songs two of my favorite bands to use in the podcast intro: “Dramamine” by Modest Mouse and “The Vowels Pt.2” by Why?. The songs are very different, and in different time signatures, so getting them to work together was my biggest and most time consuming hurdle. After I conquered that, it was more or less smooth sailing. Recording the intro itself was a little tough too. Is it just me? Or do you also hate the sound of your own voice? In the end, I put the “Male Speech” effect on (where’s the “Female Speech” option GarageBand?!), and also faded the outro so that the ending wasn’t so abrupt.

 photo 96c079be-940c-437d-a12c-538c174d6687.jpg

VanTV is an idea I came up with when I was touring with my old band. We were really lucky and toured with a lot of great people who we became close friends with. Sometimes we would switch band members and have one of the girls or guys from the other band drive in our van for a day or two, and vice versa. I thought it would be cool to videotape our conversations about life on the road, music, family, love, and everything in between on my little GoPro. I considered making a video podcast with it at one time, and still might. I turned VanTV into an audio podcast for this assignment, but I still think the idea is cool and can work on either medium. Now that I know how to use both GarageBand and iMovie, who knows? Maybe I’ll really make something of it.

All things considered, I think my podcast intro came out pretty good! I mean, I’m no Ira Glass, but I think that the lessons we learned in class were super helpful and allowed me to create a decent introduction. Hope you enjoy it!



  1. Hey Sam,
    Your podcast sounds great! I really liked how you spoke in a mellow voice for the intro. Maybe to match the soft tunes in the first song? (Or maybe that was just a coincidence that I picked up.) One thing i noticed was that in the middle, the changing into the second song sounded a bit abrupt. Other than that, I enjoyed your podcast and love your song choices.


  2. Your intro was really good! The introduction you provided describing who was going to be on the show would be really effective for a podcast. The only thing I thought could be better was the crossfade at the end, it was a little too quick. But really your intro was great!

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