New Header Unveiled

Hi guys. Happy belated 4th of July.


Behold, my new header.


What do you think? I’m still not in love with it, and will most likely toy with it a bit more, but it’s alright for right now. Although Pixlr is good for what it is, I found myself running into too many problems. Maybe it was just my computer, but everything from lassoing to layering proved to be a difficult task on this program. I decided to use PhotoShop instead. I’ve used the program a bit, so it was a lot easier to get the look I was going for with a program that wasn’t foreign to me. Initially, I was going to use a faded photo of old computers as the background layer, but it looked a little clumsy. Instead, I opted for a cleaner and more simple look. As I said, I don’t love it yet, but over time I’ll get it to where I do.

According to Ang, people engage with different forms of media for a host of reasons. In this class, we are required to engage with each other on the blogs that we’ve created, making you – yes, YOU – my audience. Because you are my audience by default, I felt a lot more free in the way I was able to craft my header. We’re shaping our relationships with one another by using these blogs as a representation of ourselves, and as a means to relate our experiences of crafting them. With that in mind, I wanted you to get a better feel for me by incorporating an heir of myself into my header. I used my favorite color (how elementary), and a picture of a little vintage lady being a bit shy, as I have an affinity for vintage-y things and am a little shy myself. Perhaps over time, if I begin to post more, I will produce an audience that shares similar tastes with me and likes what I have to say about certain things. Stay tuned.

Image via Philebrity



  1. Hi there,
    I like the direction you were going with the header. I appreciate the simplicity but I have to say, from what I can tell of you already (thanks to the blog…) it seems kind of simple for what appears to be a lot of personality! Again, I think it’s nice and creative but I can’t really tell how it fits into the blog or your own personality. Glad to hear it’s a work-in-progress, can’t wait to see/read more.

  2. It looks like your header reflects some of your style, which is an awesome quality. Everything on your blog should reflect you and your readers, because, well, that’s what a blog is all about. I agree that photoshop is better than pixlr, even though I used pixlr for my header. I think adding to this header will give the audience a better understanding of what the blog is about.

  3. Aaron Trammell · · Reply

    I think that this header works great with the overall feel of this blog. It’s not too presumptuous and just minimal enough to pull a lot of disparate elements together. Did the theme come with the fonts, or did you program them in yourself? Aside from that, great work so far!

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