Monthly Archives: July 2013

Rock on, Wizards

We Are Wizards was a super interesting, and free, movie that brings a lot of questions about the internet, intellectual property, and fan culture to a head. So let’s begin by talking about the interwebz. The internet has changed the way we consume media in a lot of different ways, but for starters, we no […]

Group Project: Using Creative Commons

Hey guys. So as I was scanning the Creative Commons site, I found some great material that I think might work well in the Lambda Lambda Lambda Geek Week video. First, for music. One of our opening scenes features our nerd, Ned Dewey, rocking out on his air guitar. I thought it would be fitting […]

Group Project: Storyboarding

Hello there. So this week we created an idea for our Geek Week video using GoogleDocs, and then had to put that idea to the task of storyboarding. It’s one thing to have an idea, but it’s quite another to carve out the detailed shot-by-shot actions that will accompany that idea and achieve the mood […]

Group Project: Using GoogleDocs

Hello, hello. This week, our group, Lamda Lamda Lamda, used GoogleDocs for a brainstorming exercise. I’ve used GoogleDocs before, but never in the way that we utilized it this weekend. I had previously used GoogleDocs as a collaborative document wherein my group members and I would contribute to the doc at separate times. In the […]

The VanTV Podcast

Hiya. Below is my podcast introduction. It took a while to make! When we were in class using the songs provided to us by Aaron, it seemed a lot less time consuming. Maybe all of those songs were in the same time signature? In any event, I chose songs two of my favorite bands to […]

Screen-casting for Dummies

Hey guys. Above is my first screen-cast. It was kind of fun! I kept messing up and had to start over a few times. I finally figured out that if I wrote down a list of points I wanted to get across, then it would be a much easier process. I really utilized the “pause” […]

New Header Unveiled

Hi guys. Happy belated 4th of July. Behold, my new header. What do you think? I’m still not in love with it, and will most likely toy with it a bit more, but it’s alright for right now. Although Pixlr is good for what it is, I found myself running into too many problems. Maybe […]